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The ones who make the magic happen

Here at Bloom Your Biz, one of our core values is having a diverse, remote team of driven and open-minded individuals who share a passion for building rock-solid brands!

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Hi, I'm Ashley

Hi, hello and welcome! I’m SO glad you’re here.​


My name is Ashley and my creative journey actually started back in 2005 in the days of MySpace. Where are my 90s babies at?!


My page was the first little corner of the internet I created for myself and of course, my profile had to have the perfect aesthetic. Unknowingly at the time, through customizing my page, I began writing my first snippets of code. Years later, I turned that passion into a career of helping others turn their brand personalities into digital form. Who would’ve thought?!

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I created Bloom Your Biz to liberate other assertive and dedicated digital nomads so they can achieve workplace freedom while doing work they genuinely love. Through intentional design and strategy, Bloom Your Biz provides the resources you need to grow a brand that reflects your purpose and values while maintaining long-term sustainability with your business.


Unplug and refocus

We want to help you get to a place where you can comfortably unplug and refocus on the things that matter most.


  • Operate my online business from bucket-list destinations that feed my soul

  • The ability to take time away from my business to refill my cup and avoid burnout

  • To offer services that empower others

  • A low-maintenance social media strategy that still keeps my Instagram looking cute without the b.s.

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Meet the Team

In order of appearance..



Kyria is our rockstar Admin Assistant and she will be with you from project conception to completion. She's well-versed in our creative process and she can answer any questions you may have about project deliverables, billing, deadlines or due dates, or any general inquiries. Fun fact, Kyria has a flair for words and can be SUCH a lifesaver if you're looking for support with Copy Writing.



Tierra has such a special ability to take what you give her and transform it into something completely beautiful. Tierra and Ashley work together on crafting Brand Strategy & Messaging Pillars. She has a sixth sense for creating client avatars and brand personas. If you've opted for Strategy within your package, you can expect a special type of magic thanks to Tierra.

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Charisse is so incredibly gifted with an eye for design. Everything she creates continues to blow us away - and we think you'll agree! Charisse primarily focuses on Web Design and with her craft + Ashley's guidance, she's able to knock it out of the park everyyyyy time - just wait and see! She is our go-to designer for in-house projects and she loves to pour her creative juices into collateral design projects like Thank-You Cards, Pricing Guides, IG Templates, Email Templates - you get the picture. If you can dream it up, she will bring it to life in the most beautiful way.

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We each have our own unique experience

allowing us to make pure creative magic happen when we collaborate as a team.

Our Favourite Tools


Basically a Personal Assistant

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On-Brand Email Marketing

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Fuss-Free Payment Processor

Get 0% fees on your first $1,000


Create a magical brand that feels like you?

If you think we’d make a good team, let’s connect! We’d love to hear what you’ve been dreaming up.

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