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Meet The Team

Here at Bloom Your Biz, one of our core values is having a diverse, remote team of hard-working, driven individuals who share a passion for working together to build rock solid brands!


We each have our zones of genius and we love coming together to collaborate on a project.

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Meet our founder

Hi, hello and welcome! I’m SO glad you’re here.

I created Bloom Your Biz to liberate other assertive and dedicated women to achieve workplace freedom while doing work they genuinely love. I’m here to give you the resources you need to build your own version of success.

My BIG non-negotiables here are being able to empower other female owned businesses while traversing through all of my bucket-list destinations that feed my soul, fill my cup, and keep my Instagram looking cute af (sorry not sorry!)

I can’t wait to witness all of the incredible success you are destined for.

Ashley Bloom Your Biz Founder
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Our studio is built on a few core principles. As avid travelers (pre-covid) we have a deep rooted appreciation for a strong work-life balance.


Our biggest priority is to help you grow your brand to a place where you can work less, enjoy more, and maintain a long-term, sustainable relationship with your business. 


We were destined for so much more than being glued to our screens. Our mission is to help you get to a place where you can comfortably unplug and refocus on the things that matter most.

Meet the team

Charisse (she/her)

Charisse is our graphic and website designer & developer from the Philippines. Her love for socializing, coupled with her openness to new collaborations, always brings her excitement and joy — believing that she can learn something from every person that she meets.

DANI (she/her)

Dani is a writer and content creator based in Costa Rica. Her passion allowed her to quit her corporate job and follow the life of her dreams. Now she wants to use her creativity and skills to help people grow their businesses and live a life full of purpose.

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Olaitan (she/her)

Ola is a Nigerian administrative and tech VA. Working internationally and integrating herself into diverse work cultures is the drive for her growing career. Her professional and personal motto is awareness, positivity, and growth.

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Our Favorite Tools:

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Basically a Personal Assistant

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On-Brand Email Marketing

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Fuss-Free Payment Processor

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think we'd make a good team?

Let's make some magic together!

We can't wait to hear what you've been dreaming up!

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