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3 Website Design Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Conversions

People on the internet have NO patience at all. I bet that you have entered a website and left before it finishes loading because I know I definitely have.

For better or for worse, we have all the information in the world at our fingertips.  So why would we spend our time on a site that’s not piquing our interest? 

And I know from personal experience that although your website design may look more than perfect to you, it may not appear that way to the average user. 

That’s because you understand the process someone will need to follow in order to buy. 

You understand your brand and the hundreds of benefits your potential clients are going to get from your products and services, but your audience doesn’t. 

Which might be why your website isn’t converting the way it should be. 

As a former DIY-er turned professional designer, we thought we’d give you the 3 website design mistakes to avoid if you want to get conversions.  

Low-Quality Images

Low-quality images are the quickest way to lose your audience’s trust and one of the biggest website design mistakes, which doesn’t sound great, right?

Having poorly lit, weirdly framed, or the worst – pixelated images, is seriously lowering your perceived value is making your brand look unpolished and inconsistent, and let’s be honest we both know you are the total opposite of that. 

That’s why having great images will make a HUGE difference in your conversions. 

You don’t even need to pay for super expensive images, you can get them from stock sites like or just to give you a few examples. 

Inconsistent Branding

This is a website design mistake to avoid at all costs! 

Let’s talk about trust again, because your audience is only going to buy from you if they trust you. 

If this is their first time meeting you and your website has different fonts, colours, styles, images, topics…

They aren’t going to understand where your expertise lies, and therefore won’t be persuaded to trust that your products or services are going to land them their specific desired result.


Not sure where to start when branding your website? We’ve got you! We recommend starting by selecting no more than 3 fonts, 3-4 colours, and 1 image style and reuse them throughout your website.

This is not a place to get super creative with a lot of different fonts or colours because you need to show consistency, this is going to make you look like a reputable, professional brand that is seasoned and experienced. 

Definitely a web design mistake that you need to avoid.

Unintentional Copywriting 

Let’s use an example here. Imagine that you are trying to sell a house, okay? 

You are going to welcome the possible buyers and talk to them about the benefits of the house, the amazing materials, the nice neighborhood…

Say the right things to show them why buying this house is the best decision they can make.


You are going to be very selective of the words you choose and the assets you highlight because ultimately, you are guiding them to make a decision that favours you. 

The same goes for your website. You need to guide your audience and show them why your product or service is THE product or service that is going to solve the specific pain point they have right now. 

We urge you to do a double-take on your website copy, put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and keep our analogy in mind. Is it hard to buy? Do you feel convinced by your words? 

This is your time to get introspective!

What’s Your Plan to Avoid These Website Design Mistakes?

Designing and building a fully optimized website is not an easy task, we know that! We recommend you to go little by little, one task at a time. 

It’s also super helpful to get a new perspective from someone outside your team. This is going to help you identify little weaknesses that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

If you’re reading this and thinking it might be time to look to the professionals for help, we’ve got you covered! Here at Bloom Your Biz we absolutely love helping our clients to reflect their brand essence in a ready to convert website.  You know where to find us! I WANT HELP WITH MY WEBSITE!


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