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Best Online Tools For Freelancers: 2021 MUST Haves

Being a freelancer means that you are probably wearing many hats in your business and doing EVERYTHING on your own. It’s normal for you to do 10 things at the same time and have a never-ending to-do list. 

But that’s not the reason you left the 9-5 life, right? A little advice? You need tools to organize your tasks and business because you deserve to bask in the bliss life that is working for yourself. 

How Can I Find the Best Online Tools for Freelancers?

There’s one thing you need to know: the internet is FULL of tools that are going to promise you the best results in the world.

You are going to find amazing tools, of course.

But are you willing to waste your precious time testing and trying out different platforms only to discover that there’s something else out there that is so much more efficient and better fits your needs?

Take it from us, you don’t have time to waste on learning new systems only to discover that they are not worth your energy, effort, or funds. 

However, you’re in luck because WE have spent a lot of time testing and searching for the best tools for our businesses and clients.

And now we feel pretty confident when we say that we’ve curated a list of systems that we believe are the best options on the market to cover your needs.

So, the idea of this blog post is to show you some of our favourites, so that you can avoid the research, save time, and take advantage of them too. 

At the end of this blog post you will find a free ebook with detailed information about these tools.*

Project management tools

Let’s get motivational here: organization is the key to success!

And you can’t keep track of your projects and tasks on a piece of paper, right? 

That’s why you need a proper tool to help you with this.

In our case, we love Asana because it allows you to manage and delegate tasks in a super-efficient way. 

Trello is another good option that you can consider, it’s simpler than Asana so it doesn’t have all the features, but it is going to depend on your needs and preferences. 

If you are looking for tools to communicate with your team or clients, we know that Slack is a really good choice that everyone loves. 

If you are constantly booking calls and keeping tracking of clients, contracts, invoices… We can’t say more good things about Dubsado

Once you’ve set up your Dubsado account you’ll seriously feel like you’ve hired a personal assistant. Time to slip into those CEO shoes!

Social Media Management Tools

Let’s be honest here! Creating and posting content feels like a never-ending task. 

That’s why using a tool to schedule content is going to save HOURS of your valuable time. 

Later is our social media management tool of choice, it’s simple and has everything you need in the free version, although we do believe that their Starter Pack is totally worth the investment. 

We have tested other apps like Planoly which is intuitive and easy to use.

Although it is good, we had some days where the tool just decided not to post our schedule posts, which is not ideal and can affect your posting schedule. 

It’s an option that you can consider and test to see how it works for you.

Email Marketing Tools

If you are thinking about building an email list (great decision by the way), we recommend Flodesk

This is a super easy to use tool with the most beautiful designs. We love that it was created by young female entrepreneurs, just like you and I. 

You can also try Mailchimp if you are looking for a free tool, you will need to pay after you hit the 2000 subscribers but it’s a really good option that you can consider if you are starting. 

And as a freelance business is more than just social media, email marketing, and projects we use a number of other game-changing tools…

We have platforms for appointments, contracts, forms, proposals, invoices, hosting, design, and photography. 

That’s why we decided to create a free document with more specific details about every tool we use and how we use it.

We know that you have a lot of things on your plate right now and want to make your life a little easier. 

Download it now and use it as your go-to resource as you continue to bloom your business!

Did we mention discount codes?! Peep all of our discounts in the freebie.

So if you are tired of doing everything by yourself, which I’m guessing you are! It’s time to simplify your processes and do LESS while making MORE.

You can get your free ebook here

Remember that if you need help integrating your tools with your strategy we are here to guide you and help you in the process.

Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message! We love hearing from you 🙂


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